Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014
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SPARK™ DNA sample Prep kit

Enzymatics® SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit For Ion Torrent™ Plateform, Illumina® Platform

Preparation of library DNA is an important process for successful cluster formation on Illumina® platforms which is required to generate valuable sequencing data. This kit provides room temperature stable reagents to convert double stranded fragmented DNA into libraries. The SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit is primarily designed for constructing genomic DNA libraries, paired-end DNA libraries, or paired-end multiplexed DNA libraries. All enzymes and buffers required are provided as room temperature stable mixes that can convert 10 ng to 1 μg of fragmented dsDNA into library DNA.

Avaliable prep kit

SPK0001-V08 SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit Illumina® Platform
Supplied with End Repair Mix (LY0001V-1), A-Tailing Mix (LY0002V-1)& Ligation Mix (LY0003V-1)

SPK0002-V08 SPARK™ DNA Sample Prep Kit Ion Torrent™ Platform
Supplied with End Repair Mix (LY0001V-2)& Ligation/Nick Repair Mix (LY0004V-1)

SPARK DNA Sample prep kit evaluation poster

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