Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014
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Prep2Seq™ DNA Library prep kit: Faster NGS prep with fewer steps

Affymetrix USB® Prep2Seq™ DNA Library Prep Kit (for Illumina platform)

Prep2Seq™ DNA Library Prep Kit Generate high quality next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries suitable for sequencing on Illumina platforms in less time.
DNA library prep is critical to the precision and accuracy of NGS. The Prep2Seq DNA Library Prep Kit comes with all of the reagents necessary for end repair, A-tailing, and ligation, and can be completed in less than two hours.

Full kit offering
  • Single kit that includes all reagents for sample prep in a slimmed down protocol.
  • 24 bar code adapter sequences compatible with Illumina technology is also available for purchase:
    Prep2Seq Multiplex Oligo Adapters for Illumina
    • Index Adapter Set I - includes adapter sequences 1-12 (79800 1 KT)
    • Index Adapter Set II - includes adapter sequences 13-27 (79800 2 KT)

Time savings with a more efficient method for NGS sample prep
  • Improved A-tailing reaction with proprietary enzymes, cloning know-how, and optimized buffers.
  • By combining the end repair and A-tailing steps, only one cleanup step is needed compared to the two or three steps in most other kits (saving up to two and a half hours in the lab).

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