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GENE COMPANY LIMITED is committed to promoting a quality norm for the biotechnology industry in China and Hong Kong. We surpass other dealers in the field through our expertise, in part due to our management's strong research background and thorough understanding of our customers' needs. We offer timely service and distribute the highest quality goods available in the market. Healthy growth and reputation are the ideas we strive for. In order to achieve these goals, we offer our customers the followings:

  • Frequent Information Updates

  • Timely Delivery

  • Swift Service Response

  • Sufficient Pre or Post-sale Technical Support

With the objective of providing the highest quality Pre & Post-sale services to our customers, we regularly send our in-house application scientists and maintenance engineers for overseas trainings arranged by the suppliers. This training is necessary in making sure that we have sufficient technical knowledge to comprehensively answer customers' problems and inquiries efficiently.

Being a regional distributor to our suppliers, we have undertaken the responsibility of providing an efficient procurement-distribution-fulfillment solution and to arrange promotional activities, such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and road shows. Gene also maintains very close relationships with the suppliers to provide post-sales services to customers, including technical and application support.

Gene is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gene Group Holdings Limited in Hong Kong. Apart from distribution, the Group is also engaged in biotech products R&D and manufacturing.