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NEW Distributed Product - Vizgen MERSCOPE Platform

2022-05-31 00:00:00    Source:Gene Company Limited


NEW Distributed Product - Vizgen MERSCOPE Platform

-Spatial RNA visualisation down to sub-cellular resolution

#Vizgen MERSCOPE Platform with Proprietary MERFISH technology is quantitative and genome-scale

multiplexed imaging technique for spatial distribution of RNAs in native tissue environment with resolution

down to subcellular scale WITHOUT the need for downstream sequencing.

Learn more about how #Vizgen MERSCOPE Platform and MERFISH technology work:

▶️MERSCOPE Platform : https://youtu.be/_SGg3u4wi3Q

▶️MERFISH technology: https://youtu.be/O0QekKSscjA

▶️Technical Note: https://vizgen.com/.../91700100_Application-Note...

MERFISH Advantage:

✔️High Spatial Resolution

- Localize RNA transcripts with subcellular resolution

✔️High Throughput

- Profile a square centimeter of tissue in a single run

✔️High Sensitivity

- Detect difficult-to-characterize lowly expressed genes with single-molecule sensitivity.

✔️High Multiplexing Power

- Custom multiplexing from 100s of RNAs to transcriptome-scale.

Broad applications in both fundamental biology and medicine, ranging from basic science, to drug discovery, to clinical pathology




✔️Infectious Disease

✔️Development Biology & Regenerative Medicine

Please Contact #Gene Company Limited sales team for more information and instrument demonstration by phone (28966283) or email ([email protected]) or PM.

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