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PacBio Newsletter (Issue Aug)

2020-08-07 14:27:35    Source:Gene Company Limited



Pacbio Updates

Vote for the winner of 2020 Plant & Animal Sciences SMRT Grant Program

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Protocol Updates

Protocol/document releases from Jul 2020.


Released date


Procedure   & Checklist – Preparing Multiplexed Microbial Libraries Using SMRTbell   Express Template Prep Kit 2.0  

July 20, 2020

Updated table format on page 16 to clarify last bullet in step 8.  

Publication Highlights


Porubsky et al., 2020, Nature Genetics. 52, 849–858.

https://www.nature.com/articles/s41588-020-0646-x image.pngimage.png

With using single-cell DNA template strand and long-read sequencing by PacBio and Bionano optical mapping1,069 inversions are discovered in great apes which is six-fold than the                       previously reported inversions (Table 1 and Fig 1). 

X chromosome has 2.5-fold more inversions when compared to autosomal length. 

Megabase-pair scale haplotypes for individual chromosomes is constructed and 23 genomic regions are identified that have recurrently toggled between a direct and an inverted                           state over 15 million years.




RNA-Chromatin Interactions – Methods and Protocols,  pp 209-228


This article describes the area of using PacBio SMRT sequencing for footprinting, (i.e. looking at certain regions of DNA that are exposed on some functional way and modifying those                   regions, then reading them out with PacBio.) 

PacBio SMRT sequencing is used for looking at the DNA:RNA hybrid structures that form during transcription in Single-Molecule R-Loop Footprinting.

Detailed end-to-end protocol for this method and some examples are included in this article.

New webinar

SMRT Sequencing applications for human genomics and medicine (71mins)

-By Adam Ameur (Uppsala University SciLifeLab) 


•How SMRT Sequencing has been applied in many different projects; from the sequencing of single genes, to de novo assembly of complete human genomes

•Overview of some key developments, including a new method to study CRISPR-Cas9 off-target effects using long reads

Click here to watch.


                 Macherey-Nagel NucleoBond® HMW DNA

PacBio recommended genomic DNA extraction kit prior to library preparation for SMRT sequencing

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