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Transfection Technology for non-dividing cell, hard to transfect primary cell and cell line

Lonza Nucleofector™

Your best bet on electroporation-based transfection

Nucleofection™ is a technology based on the momentary creation of small pores in cell membranes by applying an electrical pulse. The comprehensive way in which Nucleofector™ Programs and cell type-specific solutions are developed enables nucleic acid substrates delivery not only to the cytoplasm, but also through the nuclear membrane and into the nucleus. This allows for high transfection efficiencies up to 99% and makes the transfection success independent from any cell proliferation.

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Lonza 4D-Nucleofector system

Normal human dermal fibroblasts (neonatal) were transfected with 2.5 µg TMR-labeled plasmid DNA encoding eGFP. After 2 hours, cells were fixed with 3.5% PFA and analyzed by confocal microscopy. TMR label is shown in (A), GFP fluorescence in (B), DAPI nuclear staining in (C) and a merge of all three fluorescent labels in (D).

Benefits of using Nucleofection™
  • Simple and fast method with needs of minimal to none optimization effort
  • Compatible with broad range of Cell types and specific optimized protocols are available
  • High efficiency, for both primary cell and cell line on various input cell numbers (2x104-2x107)
  • Low cytotoxicity due to use of conductive polymer electrode avoid release of metal ion
  • Allow transfection to non-dividing cell, with direct transfection to cell nucleus
  • Direct on-plate adherent cell transfection without needs of trypsinisation
  • Co-transfection of multiple DNA sequence possible
  • High reproducibility and well referenced in more than 4,000 publications

  • Find the pre-optimised protocol for your cell type on our cell & transfection database

    Over 100 optimised protocols avaliable for transfection of primary cells

    Optimised protocols for hard to transfect cell line are also available

    Search the protocol now in this link this link

    Overview about transfection efficiencies achieved by Nucleofection™ for various primary cells and stem cells.

    Varieties of options for different throughput and applications

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